Recently, we’ve heard, seen and understand that numerous GameFi projects have actually brought into existence, with different promises innovations and technologies that makes slight or even much more improvement from the previous state of that project. The reason why this is done, is users constantly demand for more. Most projects can not stand the taste to faces users want and more project makes promises the can fulfill..

So on that note, I found out about Paradise Tycoon built on Avalanche network and the project is filled with mysterious innovations, that has brought positive change to the #GameFi #Web3. They latest innovation has redefine the #Web3_gaming with the combination of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn gaming, in other for users around the world to earn massive rewards.

ParadiseTycoon has put more effort into the game having no choice but to put their firstclass-rating skills and ecological contribution indexes for the best.


Paradise Tycoon is a Free to Play and Earn game which can be described as a unique hybrid between life simulation, like the ultra popular Animal Crossing, and Tycoon gameplay elements, such as in classic PC title The Settlers. Combine these with the best familiar game mechanics, very polished Low Poly 3D graphics, and a sustainable Play and Earn economy, and you have Paradise Tycoon. Paradise Tycoon presents a beautiful MMO (massively multiplayer online) world where players can gather resources, farm, build and craft items for their own use or to trade with others. Players can buy land and hire workers to make their life easier, or sell them as NFTs. In the meantime, they will be earning real money with $MOANI token in a friendly and social metaverse.

So in conclusion, I advise that you do well to explore the Paradise Tycoon Alpha Snapshot and its gaming system which offers you the opportunity to earn massive rewards while you enjoy yourself playing the game with the modes you love the most.

#AVAX #Avalanche #Subnets

ParadiseTycoon Alpha Snapshot is available on Android and Windows Device.
For more information about the Paradise Tycoon, please do well to reach out and connect with us through the following links below:
Twitter | Website |Telegram |Channel Ann |Discord..



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