What is the Relationship with Metaverse, NFTs and Bullieverse

In this century, the currency units are similarly fungible and interchangeable, but since the introduction of blockchain technology. The lift has move all to a decentralized financial world.

Blockchain serves as the most common highlight of difference between NFT and metaverse, with a direct focus on blockchain being a component in both. Blockchain technology does not not only serves as a peer-to-peer, decentralized system for cryptocurrencies transactions. It can work as a ledger of transactions with a specific asset and could help in tracing the journey of the NFT through different transactions.

  • The first Is digital content integrity Whitelisting, and
  • the second is digital content value.
  • Straight sale NFT have their value defined by the lister, which is often an Arbitrary value.
  • Auction NFT have their value defined by bidders, who manipulate the price according to demand.




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