Why GamyFi NFTs?

2 min readDec 7, 2021

Although many NFTs use Ethereum’s ERC-721 token standard, NFTs are also prevalent on several other networks, such as TRON (Blockchain Cuties), EOS (EOS Knights), and NEO (Blocklords).
There numerous benefits of our decentralized gaming platform offers, which includes:

Ownership: Traditional in-game purchases are one-time, non-transferrable investments that remain locked in a single gaming world. In contrast, using NFTs in gaming environments grants players ownership of their in-game assets instead of game developers. Through blockchain technology, gamers can save in-game purchases, sell them to other players, or move them into other supported games.

Provable Scarcity: Collectors value rarity and authenticity, and the scarcity of in-game NFT purchases is provable through the immutable records embedded in an NFT’s underlying blockchain network. This distributed public ledger validates the number and uniqueness of each NFT as well as its ownership history.

Interoperability: Traditional online games exist on centralized servers. As such, in-game assets exist within proprietary systems that don't communicate with others. In contrast, decentralized games exist on independent blockchains that act as the backend framework for other interconnected games. As a result, game assets represented by NFTs can be designed to be interoperable across different environments. For instance, two games built on the Ethereum network can feasibly support the same in-game assets like vehicles, armor, or even entire characters.

Immutability: When a traditional online game shuts down, users traditionally lose all of their in-game purchases. NFTs, however, exist independently of a specific gaming platform and live on the blockchain itself. As such, in-game purchases can be bought and sold regardless of what happens to the game, and new games can be designed to plug into an existing blockchain protocol. Furthermore, blockchain-enabled game assets cannot be duplicated or tampered with because of the permanent record each NFT generates upon issuance.

NFT Collection is our first and rarest collection which represents the launch of the GamyFi ecosystem. The NFT cards have multiple use cases and provide many features to the holder. These NFT cards can be staked in near future to farm $GFX tokens and will also provide multiple power ups and priviledges on the fantasy sports application.

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